Web Design

Aside from this site (which I also designed myself) there have been a number of websites that I participated in creating. Everything from forming the structure based around user’s experience and feedback, to designing a simple and clean flow that is mobile friendly and allows anyone to enjoy it.

Below is a list of websites I’ve had the pleasure in working on:

When working on a complex website, sometimes you’ll have to build as you go, bit by bit. One moment may consist of setting up a framework (like a private server for hosting secure educational content). The next – incorporating that content into a brand new website design aesthetic overhaul!

Examples below are some site page designs from our Lovegevity.University website redesign project:

Homepage – This online student hub is built as a place to login and get started with taking their classes, looking for internship opportunities, and even expanding on their CTE.
Support Center – Students always have access to an abundance of resources to help themselves with their studies, from Live Instructor Hours to a curated How-To Library, plus FAQs and dynamic support ticketing system.
Video Library – Designed to help with sharing knowledge from instructors and professionals in the industry with their students and peers on a variety of subject matters.
Student Center – These are tailored individually for every course, to help provide the students with all the resources and tools they need to complete their studies.
Career Center – A growing resource of opportunities for students and employers alike. Students can use this to place themselves out into the industry and connect with others.

I hope you enjoyed some of my above A+mazing web design skills!

Feel free to contact me and/or leave a comment down below. I’d love to know what you’re thinking!