Your marketing should communicate what you can do for others, as well as what your audience could benefit from your provided services and products. A lot of the times marketing can miss its mark, most times this is because they may have aimed for the wrong target or have spread their message too thin and thus becomes diluted (vs being concentrated and hitting with a heavy dose where it counts – like in the ‘feels’). A favorite quote of mine states the following:

You need to ‘Woo’ your audience.

You want them to trust you, and you do that by posting relevant content that speaks to them, about them, and for them.

~ Rachel Miller
World Wildlife Foundation advertisement to raise awareness for protecting the endangered Ocelot.

Having fun with some simple, visually focused ideas for billboard designs. One was for identity theft (of course lol visually simplistic, but spot on) and the other was for homeowners insurance (a little more left to the audience’s imagination).

Marketing for a local indie game dev showcase event – for social media and print.

The following is a look into the the work put forth to help market the brand of Lovegevity and their LWPI services of programs, including their schools and classes.

Case Study – Lovegevity/LWPI Marketing Campaigns

Below are graphics from our “12 Days of Christmas” marketing campaign, where we took our students and graduates, pulled their reviews of the course, interviewed them with some Q&As, and combined all these elements into our Student Spotlights – which doubled in promoting our students as well as selling our CWEP (Certified Wedding & Event Planning) course. We themed everything around the original song about the 12 days of Christmas, but with a wedding planning twist:

Marketing Designs for Courses, Classes, Internships and ‘Taking The Pledge’

The original Lovegevity Pledge advertisement. We wanted our students to promise to do what they love and love what they do.
We then decided to support our students whom have taken the pledge with a little reminder – the pledge in the form of a t-shirt.
We also found it important that our students who are looking into CTE courses to also pledge to do the same.

From time to time we would have a variety of internship opportunities come our way, mainly to help provide our students and graduates the chance to get hands-on experience while working with an assortment of professionals in the field. These are their advertisements.
Because our courses were provided at over 2000 colleges and universities nationwide, we had to help from time to time create marketing materials for some schools to promote their classes.
For those students who wanted to become ultimate designers and planners, we provided a Master Class program that covers all the corners of the wedding & event planning industry.

The Dream Team – these lovely ladies were designed based on the 5 personas that make up our students and alumni.
The new Dream Team re-personified. We turned them into a postcard marketing campaign – plus made them collectibles!

I hope you enjoyed some of my above A+mazing marketing skills!

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