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Everything here is just as the name implies: Professional Designs, chalked full of hard-work, determination, and creativity. Just Ice Cold is always working towards the future of Graphic Design. All examples of our services can be previewed on the left under Our Services. Services include a variety of Print Designs, Logo Designs, Lettersets, Advertisements, Illustrations, Photography, Typography, and more!


Just Ice Cold - The Creative Group "PORTAL"


Our current greenlighted project is "Pandora's Tomorrow." We have a growing professional team working with us on the "Pandora Project" to compile the 3-part series, everything from the stories to short movies, from the musical soundtracks to the full-fledged RPG video game. Click "HERE" to see more of the creative progress behind the latest "Pandora Project."


Our creativity is endless... Enjoy our services, and remember: The Sky's Just The Beginning!