About Me - Franklin Muniz

My name is Franklin Muniz. I was born in Sacramento, growing up in the small town of Rio Linda, right outside of what is known as Natomas. Raised by my grandparents, I learning their old fashion ways while being able to mix them with the current times. I idolize my grandfather, a Korean War Veteran and star baseball player when he was 18. He was also a printer in his later years, working for the government under McClellan Air Force Base and retiring after 40 years. When I was 16, he legally became my father. Shortly afterwards I graduated high school and moved onto college, serving over 1800 hours to my community in the AmeriCorps while graduating as Salutatorian with my BFA in Graphic Design.


As a Graphic Designer, I love photography and I am great at utilizing Adobe Photoshop, as well as other graphic design programs like In-Design, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Flash. I am hard-working, enthusiastic, determined, creative, and have a can-do personality. I'm also a fast learner and once given the details and deadlines to a task, I can go straight to work with little help necessary. I invision myself following my grandfather's footsteps of success pretty closely. Even though he retired as a printer, I aspire to be much more: A merger for creative ideas, new and old; A clear sky to fulfill dreams and achievements; A leader for the future of purpose-driven, meaningful designs. It's kinda ironic how I have become more like him than I could ever imagine, but I plan to be as successful as he was, if not more so with my own dreams.


My love for creativity and entertaiment is deep-seeded, much like my passion for movies and video games (whenever I actually have the time, that is). I greatly enjoy comedy and action films and I am a huge fan of a few game series for their solid and inspiring stories. These things have come to inspire me and my dreams to create the most fantastic, exciting, comical, dramatic, thrilling, motivating, and inspiring storylines for video games and movies alike. I am currently working on a story called “Pandora’s Tomorrow.” Click "HERE" to see more of the creative progress behind the latest "Pandora Project."


Our creativity is endless... Enjoy our services, and remember: The Sky's Just The Beginning!